BCxF is 100% Ascophyllum Nodosom (derived from marine algae) which is listed under the EU. Register of approved feed materials 04255-EN.

Increases weight gain, improves bird welfare and reduces ammonia.

Broiler Water Ingredient with Pre-Biotic Effect

Our BioComplex is 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum (derived from marine algae) processed by Ekogea’s microbiologists in a unique way to produce BCxF. When administered to birds via drinking water BCxF gives both increased weight gain and a large reduction in ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in the faeces resulting in healthier and stronger birds.


50 %

Reduction in ammonia

100 %

Natural product


Increase in weight gain

With better feed conversion rates and reduced cycle times through poultry housing. Typically 4% increase in final weight (measured in animal housing and abattoir) can be expected in high performing crops, larger increases in older style housing – or similar size birds with lower feed cost.


Crop cycle can be reduced

Crop cycle can be reduced by up to 2 days, providing significant savings in feed and an increase in the income for the crop. BCxF helps the birds resist gut infection from pathogens and toxins, reducing antibiotic treatment. BCxF acts by greatly increasing the number and diversity of gut organisms as well as stabilising the gut, making the birds less susceptible to enteric upset.


Lower levels of hock burn

Lower levels of Hock burn and Pododermatitis within crops where symptoms are evident and reduced levels of ammonia within the house, improving general bird environment and health.


Lower ammonia emissions

Lower ammonia emissions assist intensive agriculture to meet the demands of the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, under current for future regulatory environments.